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Furniture Relocation, Household Removals  across the street or around the South Island of New Zealand is the speciality of the Invercargill based Neas Furniture Services (1998) Ltd.

Our aim is to assist you and your family into your new home with as least disruption possible; with the minimum of anxiety and where possible an enjoyable positive experience.

Neas Furniture Services Ltd has been operating from Southland since 1993 delivering new furniture, new kitchen – window joinery and  household removals throughout the South Island with the occasional full load to the North Island.

Being a family business started by Eric’s father we  value flexibility, value for money, friendliness and providing relocation solutions  accomodating to each clients specific requirements. A job acknowledged as well done is also a reward in its self.


Preparing for your Move

CONFIRM the date you are to vacate your present dwelling and discuss with your household when you require to move. Allow time for cleaning and the date you can relocate to your new property. If there is a difference in dates do you need to store your household effects?

Contact Neas Furniture to arrange your relocation/personal visit.


Packing, Wrapping and Storage


Packing is a crucial part of the process of relocation and can be a great success or cause heartache due to breakage. Each person has differing abilities so we encourage you to choose the option that best suits your individual situation.

If you feel confident completing this yourself we encourage you to pack cartons full with plenty of paper and to the top so that there is a minimum of movement. Use appropriate sized cartons for the packed item involved. There is little point filling big cartons with books if you can not lift them.

As a guide, the bigger the carton, the lighter the goods that should be packed inside them.  This option is generally referred to as being packed by owner. (PBO)

If you are not confident in your abilities or do not have the time to pack yourselves we offer the following options for your consideration.

Neas pack breakables only: this is where only crockery and glassware/crystal is carrier packed and you arrange for all non breakables to be packed. We can pack with paper only, bubblewrap or tubewrap for fragile items. Tubewrapping involves the wrapped item being placed in a cardboard tube then placed in the carton vertically which provides ultimate protection from crushing. See photos

Full packing service: where all household items that can fit in a carton are packed  by Neas Furniture utilising the appropriate method of packing as detailed above for the items being packed. The time to complete a full pack is generally a day’s work prior to the relocation. We like to complete a physical survey when we are requested to quote for full packing so an accurate assessment can be done of your requirements.


Wrapping of furniture items on most of our removals are with furniture blankets as each of our trucks have a supply of these and  are reusable.  Mattresses and bases are placed in large plastic bags and also lounge suites if desired. There are situations where additional protection is desirable and we use transit bubble wrap . This is a large bubblewrap, single sided with plastic or paper  to provide protection against rubbing. We use this on recently purchased furniture ,items with a delicate finish or where furniture items have to travel long distance in a shipping container, inter island or overseas.


A total  inventory of all  items required to be stored is completed when uplifted from the house. The condition of the items is recorded as well and can be compared to the condition when redelivered. This reporting ensures that all items are accounted for and in the original condition upon redelivery. We can store in Invercargill at our facility or delivery to a storage facility of your choice.

Furniture Removal Options

Neas Furniture Services have two removal trucks and two trailers, one covered and one flat trailer. Our options include a truck and driver rate ,two men rate or three men if required. Upon completing a survey the required resources are allocated in our diary with the requested manpower. As the cost increases with the more men provided it is suggested that you give some thought to providing helpers on the day if you are working to a budget.


It is a common thought all carriers have insurance coverage as part of their company insurance package. However it is our experience that the Insurance industry requires a separate contract and premium for each removal undertaken by this company. Therefore this company carries all goods at Owners risk and recommends if you require insurance there are two options.

  1. You can enquire from your own insurance provider and generally if you have a history with one company they will give you a good deal.
  2. Or if you require a comparison quote we have formed a relationship with a local brokerage firm who can provide all your insurance needs. This is a separate contract to your removal and can then be validated with a certificate of insurance.

Neas Furniture - Reducing the Cost of MovingReducing the Cost of Moving

Neas Furniture recognizes that the budget for relocating can be quite large and to those who move regularly we would like to offer some deals.

  • We offer to those who book subsequent removals within two years a ten percent discount on the second removal.
  • Also if you recommend our services to another person who then confirms a removal with us then a five percent discount on the referred removal will be recorded on your account with us. Both parties would need to contact us to confirm this. Obviously if you refer many confirmed removals to us then you may end up with a free removal yourself in the future. This credit can also be transferred to someone you nominate.

Neas Furniture - Recycling and the EnvironmentRecycling and The Environment

Neas Furniture recognizes the need to recycle where possible and so recommend re using materials in the removal process. We will collect used packing gear and dispose of unusable materials responsibly. Usually it takes very little effort to re use materials and is more a perception issue why good materials are not re used. We also supply cartons.

Removals – Dos and Don’ts

Basically the rule is what can be put in the post can be packed safely.

Any flammables or goods labeled with the dangerous goods label should be packed separately. The label is a red diamond with a description of the danger and a rating.

L P G bottles should be empty for transportation.

Books or files should not be packed in any bigger boxes than banana boxes.

Large heavy items should be identified to this office so that provision can be made in our estimations for these.

Do tell us of everything that is to go even if that changes before the day as allowance can be made up to the removal day.

Do contact us if you have any questions at all. We are only to happy to help.

Don’t leave everything to the last minute.

Contact Neas Furniture about your furniture removal needs.Contact Neas Furniture

Neas Furniture Services
PO Box 7068
Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand
P/F: (03) 218 8329 | M: 027 434 1711


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Coronet Peak Redevlopment 2008

Coronet Peak Redevlopment 2008

Neas Furniture Packing, Wrapping and Storage - Paperwrap


Neas Furniture Packing, Wrapping and Storage - After Bubblewrap

Bubblewrap: After

Neas Furniture Packing, Wrapping and Storage - Before

Bubblewrap: Before

Neas Furniture Packing, Wrapping and Storage - Tubewrapping


Neas Furniture offers to those who book subsequent removals within two years a ten percent discount on the second removal.

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Preparing for your Move

Packing, Wrapping & Storage

Furniture Removal Options


Saving Money Rewards Scheme

Recycling &
The Environment

Dos and Don’ts

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